TuTuu Toys brand has been developed by parents – three fathers that cares deeply about their children. In year 2017 first born idea about TuTuu Toys first product – TuTuu Cube. Thoughts of our own childhood inspired us to bring some of joy to our children. So we created place where our little ones can hide away from everyday rush and learn in their own manner.

But now it is not just about one product or just about us…

We fell in love with concept of TuTuu Toys. So we continue to create new products and develop products that already exsist in market.

Every product has multiple purposes – math, colors, numbers, space, imaginataion and (as importants as all previous) FUN. New product ideas we inspire from Montessori teachings. It has shown that children can learn with ease if they have right conditions and right persone beside.

Our call out to the world is – LETS CREATE A BETTTER CHILDHOOD. We stand by this every day when designing, producing and giving the best customer experience that we can give. 

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