Of course enterteinment and happy child in one of things that TuTuu Cube can bring in to family, but let’s dig deeper.

There are two focuses for this product:

  1. Spacial thinking. There are a lot of toys and games that develops spacial thinking and geometry skills for kids. TuTuu Cube is one of them, but we believe that this takes it to different levels. Cube as shape is nothing special. It can be seen everywhere, but in very few places child can actualy step in to one and see it from inside. Not just one side or one corner, but whole construction. Maybe just for first few moments, but child always seems to be quite surprised when stepping in to TuTuu Cube for the very first time – after that it is pretty much playing and having fun!
  2. Self awereness and safety – as far as I have used TuTuu Cube myself I can tell that it makes most sense if it is placed somewhere in livingroom, where adults and siblings spend time together. One of the reasons is that child sometimes wants to not be disturbed when playing or drawing, but in the same time beeing away from gron ups in not comfortable and feels unsafe as well. TuTuu Cube gives this opportunity to be alone but in the same time very close to loved ones. This safe place can bring a lot of piece and joy in every home.  Second reason is what is called supervisable privacy. Parents rarely want to leave youngest family member alone for too long, but it is quite important to let them play by them self also. TuTuu Cube could possibly be one of the best solutions. Open walls give oportunity to oversee all actions.


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