Imagination is the limit

TuTuu Toys Light Table is made of lacquered plywood with  organic glass surface and built-in interchangeable LED lights. The surface is designed to work with a variety of fine natural materials such as buckwheat, rice, sand, etc. A table is a free surface where child can use his imagination, while developing a motor skills. Table top allows you to create different shapes in materials, write, draw, throw them through your fingers as well as learn – letters, shapes, figures, etc. Table unobtrusive light creates a variety of light / shadow games that allow you to see more material in grains – while looking for shapes and drawings created by shadows, the light game gives the child a sense of peace.

We recommend to try TuTuu Toys light table together with a child – it is truly exciting not only for the world’s smallest researchers, but also for adults.

TuTuu light Table is available in 3 different designs – “FOX”, “OWL” and “LINES”. 

Set includes:

  • TuTuu light Table, size 40 x 40 cm, with your chosen design ("FOX", "OWL" or "LINES")
  • Remote control with options to change surface colors, brighten them or make them neutral
  • A brush to ensure that after thorough handling of fine materials they are successfully wiped in a specially designed bag
  • Power cord (1 m long)