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As Dutch systems scientist , programmer and software engineer Edsger W. Dijkstra has said: ” There should be no such thing as boring mathematics. “ TuTuu Toys team sees numbers and equations as fun and playful game.

During development process of some our toys kids just played along and started to put together some pieces of wood to create numbers. It didn’t take much time to discover that there are a lot of beautiful wood toys that are perfect for learning numbers, math, geometry and so on. We took number tablets as first product in mathematical toy section. Kids loved it! Simple and clever way to put together numbers and learn colors in the same time. Small and precisely manufactured parts helped to develop motoric skills and attention.

We thought – well this works! Whats more out there?

Geoboard was our next stop in math world. Fun and creative way to learn shapes. First it was developed by Egyptian mathematician Celeb Gattengo on 1950s to explore basics in plane geometry. This toy has been sold ever since and we are happy to create our own version of it. To make it little bit more fun we added decorative eye set to make shape animals and other things that kids love.

Our trip with math toys has just began and we develop new toys continiously…

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