Drawies – vegetables




Have You ever seen crayons like this? These are Drawies. Vegetable shaped crayons that helps to learn colors, names of vegetables and develops motoric skills in simple way of drawing. Use various grips while drawing. Varying grips on a crayon contributes to fine motor skills training, which in turn leads to improved speech, creativity and brain activity. The shape and tactile surfaces work as acupressure on the palm. Each shape teaches a different type of drawing – circles, lines of various thicknesses, and multiple lines at once. Crayons are used to create impressive drawings, which contributes to better self-esteem of the child. These crayons may be used as part of therapy for patients with visual impairments, autism and daltonism. Use on tiles, asphalt, a drawing board or paper.
1 product consist of
1pcs carrot 12,5cm
1pcs cucumber 11cm
and 1pcs garlic 5cm
Not Edible


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