Creating a better childhood

TuTuu Cube

There is nothing more important than love and basically that is the only thing a child really needs. Everything else is secondary. 

Loved and cared child will grow as a good and loving person.

We have thought a lot about what else is as important and decided that in addition to Love we want to give our children their own space to learn and grow. 

So we made the TuTuu Cube.


Why we love TuTuu Cube


TuTuu cube is a great kids playhouse that will develop independece in child and give endless possibilites for imagination .

Easy assembling

Easy to assamble and diassamble. It does not require any tools and can be done in less then 5 minutes. It is easy to move in to another room. TuTuu cube can be assambled and diassambled many time.

Natural materials

Walls and ceilings are made from plywood. Sanded and painted with non toxic colors. Surface is smooth and free of splinters and sharp edges.


Inconspicuous colors will not take away attention from playing with favorit toys, books or learning new skills

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